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Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in Incognito #316 - Review, Pictures, Swatches

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Makeup addicts have all sorts of acronyms. I consider it a shorthand code.  This makes getting messages across quicker which in turn give us more time to shop.  Here are some acronyms that I use a lot:
gwp - Gift With Purchase
HG - Holy Grail
DS - Drugstore
EOTD - eye of the day
LOTD - lip of the day
NM - Neiman Marcus (or never mind)
and my favorite:
YLBB - Your Lips But Better

For example:
"OMG the CD AE l/s in #316 is TDF. It's a MLBB HG! Of course YRMV. Go 2 NM b/c they r having a GWP now."
"Oh My God the Christian Dior Addict Extreme lipstick in #316 is to die for.  It's a my lips but better holy grail!  Of course your results may vary. Go to Neiman Marcus because they are having a gift with purchase now."

See?  It make perfect sense if you know what you are reading.

Your Lips But Better refers to a lip color that looks natural and very similar to what your natural lip color would be, but enhanced so that it has either more color, depth, shine, etc. (Hence the But Better part)   My lips are almost colorless.  They match my very pale complexion and are only slightly darker and pinker than the skin on my face, so when I find a lipstick that is as close to what my natural lip color SHOULD be, I am immediately attracted to it.

Enter stage right, Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in #316 Incognito.  A pinky beige neutral lipstick that does not turn orange on me!  A lit of pinky nude lipsticks tend to go orange on me. It's the cross I must bear in life.  Dior touts this as being an "extremely long-wearing lipstick that provides radiant shine."  It's shiny. that's for sure, but long wearing?  Nope. Not even a little.  Sorry Dior. Your lipsticks are usually not very long wearing, and the shiner the lipstick the less wear time you get from it. Just sayin'

This lipstick feels like buttah!  It's creamy and moisturizing and seems to plump up my lips just a little.  It is one of the nicest lipsticks I own. it's not overly greasy or waxy. It has perfect slip (which means it applies well without tugging on the lip) and it feels amazing!  It better for $30!

Yes. It's a great lipstick. I love the color, the high gloss the feel, but the wear time is not great. It wears as long as other Dior Addict lip products wear.  Granted I purchased the lightest and most neutral color.  Perhaps if I purchased a darker pink or red it might seem to wear longer.  The Dior Addict Extreme comes in 16 colors ranging from nude to deep plum.  It has a decent color range and I imagine Dior will add to it in the future.

Do you NEED this?  Well the formula? Amazeballs.  I'll give you that. The colors? Meh. I can see them being duped with other brands. The high shine? Exceptional! Only a few other lipsticks can replicate that shine and they cost as much if not more.  So what's my answer?  Um Maybe?  Let's face it, it's not the most expensive lipstick out there but it's not the least expensive either.  But if you have the same problem as me with nude lipsticks turning orange on you, then Incognito #316 IS THE ONE nude for you.  For that reason alone I say YES, you need this.  Its one for the few lipsticks I own that I actually look forward to applying!

I purchased my lipstick from the wonderful Kathy Shoreman from Neiman Marcus. If you too would like to purchase from her you can give her a call at 571-533-4972.  Otherwise you can find Dior Addict Extreme at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers.

ATM I am in <3 with my CD AE l/s. IDK why, but I want more! IMHO it's a HG moisturizing l/s. AFAIK no DS brand could rival this, but YRMV,  BTW wouldn't it b awesome if they offered a BOGOF deal? My poor DH would never hear the end of it. + they would probably be OOS of every color I wanted anyway. FWIW I don't think HE brands will resort to sales like that any time soon. Kthxbai!

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  1. I love the formula too, I have Silhouette and am liking it a lot - although I admit that there are more unique or fun colors on the market.

  2. This color is so cute! Looks great on your lips. I have only tried Dior's High Shine lipsticks. Is this one better?

    1. I think this one is not better but not worse either. I like the high shine very much, but this formula is more opaque and richer color on the lips.

  3. Love this lipstick on you! I've never tried Dior's lippies (only eyeshadows and blushes), but this certainly makes me want to try them out!

    1. They are nice. As good quality as the eyeshadows. :-)

  4. I have Riviera and love it. This one was next on my list and I am for sure getting it now! Looks really great on you!

    1. Oooh Rivera looks like a nice color. I definitely want to try another one for sure too!

  5. This looks like a great color. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the comment!

  6. You made me lol with all the makeup addict abbreviations! :) Of course NM can also = Needless Mark up. I used to work there ages ago when I was in grad school. We actually had to place the marked up sticker over the suggested retail price sometimes and I always thought "so, we really do mark things up!" Dior lippies are my newest addiction. Le sigh!

    1. IKR? Needless Mark Up is a perfect name for NM. :-) OOh. Dior lipstick is a nice little addiction to have.

  7. It's very useful orangy-brown nude i think. I think to buy .Good day.


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