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Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic and Sweet Bee Magic Wand - Review, Pictures

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who lived among the bees. (I said she was fair, not smart)  While the bees did love her and she the bees, she still suffered from the occasional sting. But the honey, propolis and Royal Jelly from the bees seemed to help ease any bites as well as other skin concerns she had. Honey (in the right blend of oils) becomes a natural and gentle anti-septic and anti-bacterial. It can also produce an natural alpha hydroxy acid which fights wrinkles and signs of aging.  The fair maiden did have beautiful skin, she was not called a fair maiden for nothing!    But the fair maiden also used  propolis, bee pollen and Royal Jelly on her skin.  From head to toe, to be exact.  Propolis was used for its natural germicidal properties, bee pollen for its multi-vitamin effect and to stimulate cell renewal with its high concentration o nucleic acids RNA and DNA, and Royal Jelly, the food of the Queen Bee, for its generous amounts of gelatin, a vital catalyst for collagen production and wrinkle repair.  Royal Jelly also includes a natural antibiotic that is a quarter the strength of penicillin, more than enough to keep skin clear of harmful bacteria.  Yes the fair maiden was fair. Loved the bees and was covered head to toe in honey, propolis, bee pollen and Royal Jelly.  Its obvious why the bees were so attracted to her...and why she was always so sticky.

Not too far away lived a gallant Knight.  He was duty bound to protect his King and Queen, but he also had a side business of producing olive and avocado oil.  Hey, knighthood doesn't pay like it used to.  The gallant knight knew the secrets of using fine organic olive oil, He knew that it is a powerful source of moisture and nutrients and also the closest to human sebum - allowing it to absorb effortlessly into his skin without clogging pores.  He also knew of the excellent antioxidant properties of avocado oil which is high in Vitamin E, which helps with preventing skin oxidization, Sterolins which help the skin produce collagen and Omega 3s, which has been shown to be a highly effective protector from UV solar radiation, thus decreasing chances for sunburn and skin cancer risk.  Yes. The gallant Knight had beautiful moisturized skin...but he was very slippery.

One day the King and Queen had a festival to celebrate something, no one really remembered, or knew what they were celebrating, but Kings and Queens have a lot of power and if they tell the commoners to celebrate, well then the commoners celebrated, gosh darn it! The fair maiden decided to bring her sticky self to the celebration with an offering of her honey, propolis, bee pollen Royal Jelly mixture in a large pot, as a gift for the King and Queen.  The gallant Knight, required to attend the celebration of who knows what, decided that he would bring the King and Queen a gift of his Organic Olive Oil and some Organic Avocado oil as well.  He slipped into his well oiled armor and raced on over to the celebration holding pots of his finest oils.

Well as fate would have it, the fair maiden and the gallant Knight were on a collision course for disaster and destiny.  Not paying attention to where she was walking, distracted by a bee or something no doubt, the fair maiden walked straight into the gallant Knight.  The gallant Knight, not paying attention to where he was going, probably slipping inside his oily metal armor, walked right into the fair maiden.

Well you know what happened next. Kaboom!  The two crashed into each other, and the gifts of the honey blend and the oils crashed into each other too!  With a liquidy schloop the products combined.  The fair maiden protested and said, "You got your oil into my honey blend"!  The gallant Knight retorted, "You got your honey blend into my oil"!  The smart Apothecary owner said...

Did I not mention the Apothecary owner?  Well she was very smart and very clever and knew a good opportunity when she saw one.  She said, "I bet you I could mix both your oil and honey blend with the right amount of organic beeswax and you could have a wonderful salve to present the King and Queen for that celebration they are having.

"Beeswax"? said the two in unison.The Apothecary owner told them that Beeswax creates a protective coating that locks in moisture while allowing skin to breath and rid itself of harmful toxins and waste.  At the same time, the anti inflammatory, anti-allergenic and germicidal properties in beeswax keep skin healthy and strong.  Combine that with the  honey blend and organic oils and well, you have the makings of an amazing product that can 
Promoting radiant, supple skin
Providing overnight skin nutrition
Treating rashes, burns and scars
Protecting cuts, scrapes and bites from infection
Soothing dry or irritated skin
Relieving sunburns
Guarding against sport-related chafing
Chapped Lip Remedy
Shaving Burn Care
Daily Moisturizer
Cold Sore Relief
Did I also mention that the Apothecary owner was rather verbose?

The fair maiden, the gallant Knight, and the Apothecary owner mixed up all the ingredients and when it cooled they had the perfect skin healing cream and all in one lip and face balm!  During the mixing and the melting and the stirring and the cooling the fair maiden and the gallant Knight fell in love. The decided to marry and the Apothecary owner presented them with a fine gift of
Sweet Bee Magic and Sweet Bee Magic Wand which she had started to market and sell under the Medicine Mama’s Certified Organic Apothecary label.

Now you can be as fair as the maiden and as gallant as the Knight when you use Medicine Mamma's Apothecary Sweet Bee Magic - All in One Healing Skin Cream (2oz $19.95 and 4oz $29.95) or Sweet Bee Magic Wand - All in One Lip and Face Balm (.5oz $12.95)  Or purchase them as a set for $34.99 with free shipping at medicinemamasapothecary.com
All items are certified CCOF organic and not tested on animals.

Do you NEED this?  YES!  After a few short days of using the Sweet Bee Magic my cuticles are healthy and strong. (No more splitting!), my elbows and heels are soft and the razor burn I had from shaving my legs is gone!  Better yet, I had this weird rough skin on my nose where my glasses sit and it was looking frightful. I used the Sweet Bee Magic Wand every night before bed and that rough skin went away in no time!  Best yet, it hasn't come back!!  I also didn't experience any breakouts or other reactions while using these excellent products.  A little goes a long way so I expect to have my trusty 2 oz tub for quite a while.  I'M IN LOVE!

What about the King and Queen? Oh please. Those two have more money than sense. They didn't even notice that the fair maiden and gallant Knight didn't attend their bogus celebration.  But they did send a nice wedding gift to the fair maiden and gallant Knight, because that's the proper thing to do.


  1. Elivira you just write the best stories! All of your reviews so fun and interesting to read.
    This product sounds wonderful as well. During the summer I always manage to miss with the SPF (probably because my skin is about the same shade of white as the lotion!) and I'd love to see how this works on sunburns.

  2. http://www.pinksith.com/2012/06/medicine-mamas-apothecary-sweet-bee.html#
    love it and might even use it.

  3. I do need this! I love your verbose-ness. Keeps me so entertained!

  4. Which one do you use on your cuticles? I always need something good! Thx!

  5. I will *definitely* be checking this out after summer has ended. I'll probably be needing to restock skincare by then, and this just seems *perfect*. Thank you.

  6. I really love the way you wrote this blog lol it was very cute! I need to get me some bee magic indeed!

  7. I love your stories. I don't know how you come up with this stuff! Darthypie must loooooooove story time with mom!

    Thanks for the great review. After I read it, I felt compelled to go watch "The Princess Bride" for the 800th time. :)

  8. Absolutely love this post. Thank you for sharing and so happy you enjoyed :)


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