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Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set - Review, Pictures

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Safari inspired prints are the hot thing on the fashion CATwalks. Anything from Zebra to Leopard to Tiger is "IN"!  You see these prints in clothing CATaloges, at the malls and everywhere in between.  The CATalyst for this look is easy to figure out. Everything old is new again.  In addition, these kind of Safari chic prints always make a comeback in summer. So it come as as no surprise that Japonesque has made a mini brush set that is worthy of carrying the CAT inspired print right into the fibers of the brush!

The Safari Chic brush set comes packaged in a well made, small and PURRse friendly fabric case. It has a top that flips over to protect the precious brushes.  The case holds three short handled brushes.  A Powder Brush, a Shadow Brush and a Crease Brush.  PURRe synthetic fibers makes this a cruelty free and vegan friendly brush set as well as making them CATegorically the softest set of brushes I own!

The large Powder Brush is so soft on your skin as it deposits just the right amount of loose or pressed powder to keep your complexion even and shine-free. I am currently using this as my brush for my Lacome Dual Finish Powder foundation. It provides wonderful even coverage. It's performance has CATapulted this to the top of my powder brush collection.

The Shadow Brush is great for a wash of color covering lids with my favorite shades (usually taupe).  The very soft and slightly fanned out brush holds onto the powder well and deposits it onto my eyes with minimal fallout or mess. I was worried because this brush is so large that it would make a mess out of my shadow application, but so far so grrrreat!

The PURRpose of the Crease Brush is evident by its name, but I found it too wide to work in colors for my crease.  That doesn't mean it's not a good brush. It's still as wonderful as the shadow brush and I use it for a slightly more precise application of color to my lower lids and also for blending the crease color with my lid color.  It's a pretty great blending brush if I do say so meowself!

Overall I think the brushes in this set are really great. I think both shadow brushes are larger than I am personally used to, but the synthetic fibers are durable and hold powder until pressure is applied for precise application. The brushes wash and dry easily without any color fading or transfer.  Stainless steel construction on the brush bases makes them durable and long lasting.

Japonesque CATers to professionals and novices alike by creating fantastic products that are reliable and easy to use.  The Safari Chic Brush set is well made, light in the hand and compact enough for travel.  I actually wrote a poem to my Japonesque #333 powder brush a few years back. That brush is still going strong and looks as good as new.  Makeup brushes are an investment.  You should only have to replace them after several years of use, if ever.  While the The PURRist may not appreciate the multi-colored fibers in the brush, they will appreciate the excellent craftsmanship and quality.

Do you NEED this?  YES. It would be a CATastrophe to pass this set up! I think you might love the Japonesque brushes so much you'll PURRge all your old brushes and replace them with Japonesque!  That's how good they are.  You can PURRchase this for $29.95 at ULTA, Dermstore and other retailers.

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  1. I'll be honest: I hate animal print with a passion. I find that 99% of the time it looks cheap, tacky and even vulgar. (I respect everyone's right to love and wear it though).
    BUT there's something about this kabuki that really makes me want to have it :) Maybe because it looks like real animal fur. LOL

    1. I feel the same way, and I think I can pinpoint why I think this brush set is cute compared to other leopard's because there is just one spot on the top, it's not covered in spots nor does it have neon colored accents.

  2. Cat's a great review! Sorry, couldn't think of a better cat reference ;-)
    I love the animal print! Good to hear the quality is good, too! *adds to wish list)

  3. This post was the cat's pajamas! Very enjoyable. ^^

  4. That brush is very unique! Leopard print on the brush, cool! I have one Japonesque brush and I think it's pretty good. I like the design; it's clean and simple :)

  5. Cute! I've never tried any Japonesque brushes but I do love synthetic brushes in general and the design is so cute!

  6. I've been wondering about this set, if its worth getting or not. Your review was PURRfect!

  7. Hot damn, these are gorgeous. I think I just found my birthday gift to myself!

  8. I found a UK supplier website which has the safari brush set and a kabuki brush in the safari print! Brilliant!

  9. This is soo cute! Love them!

  10. These are soo cute! Love them!


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