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Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow #27 Oxidized Silver - Review, Pictures, Swatches

I think it is safe to say that I am IN LOVE with the Armani Eyes To Kill Intense line of shadows.  I own several of them and most of them are taupe..OK. Not most. Three.  Here is my THIRD taupe shadow from The Aqua Collection. #27!

Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Shadows have been raved about here and here and here.  These waterproof, 24-hour wear eyeshadows, are offered in six limited edition new shades (#24-#29) in The Aqua collection.  The Eyes To Kill Intense is a pearl blend that is based on a revolutionary technology that acts like a kaleidoscope, producing multidimensional colors.  This shadow is not a cream and it's not a powder, but more so a hybrid formula of the two. It is simply beautiful, easy to apply and wears like iron.

The color itself is an incredible taupe!  I have been wearing this shadow almost non stop since I purchased it. I simply apply with my fingers and I get a beautiful metallic taupe/purple. It's amazing how the red and silver colors combine to form such a stunning taupe.  There is a really neat story how this shadow was created.  If you like, I can tell it to you.

OK. You twisted my arm.  If you don't care how the shadow was created you can just scroll down and look at the pictures.

Once upon a time there was a lonely burgundy red eyeshadow pigment.  BRE as he liked to call himself.  BRE was that "Thing" that wasn't like the others in that popular song.  But BRE was assured by The Chemist that he really was special and one day, he would meet the perfect compliment to his Burgundy Red coloring and they would create a beautiful color unique to all the other colors in the lab.  BRE smile and nodded and humored The Chemist, but BRE knew deep down inside that there would never be anyone for him. He was destined to be a lone pigment in a sad little lab.

Days passed, then months then years and BRE sat all alone in his test tube.  BRE saw the aquas and pinks hook up. The golds and the purples.  The blacks and the golds, the pinks and the whites, the teals and the blacks...yet he still sat there. All alone. All by himself.  BRE had the Eric Carmen song "All By Myself" on continuous loop in his iPod.

Each time he listened to the song he would belt out the chorus.  The other pigments would stare at him. Uncomfortable in their tubes. Not wanting to make eye contact but wishing all the same that he would SHUT UP!

The Chemist tried to have a word with him.  But chemists are not usually good with relationship advice for pigments, The Chemist just asked BRE if he might want to listen to a different song on his iPod.  BRE was miffed at all the other coupled pigments being so judgy about his choice in music, but he complied.  Perhaps it was a shred of hope that he would be accepted if he changed.  Perhaps he too had grown tired of the song.  Either way, BRE just went to the next song on his Eric Carmen Greatest Hits album and started to listen to "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" on continuous loop.

This Eric Carmen Guy is a real loser in live and love thought BRE.  We must be soul mates he chuckled to himself.  But it was one of those sad, desperate chuckles..not a happy one.

A few weeks later, The Chemist brought in a new pigment.  The lab was all abuzz with talk about the flashy new silvery/pewter pigment that shone like a beacon in the storm.  SPP as she liked to call herself, was one of the most stunning pigments that BRE had ever laid eyes on.  He immediately changed his continuous loop of Eric Carmen "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" to a more upbeat diddy called "Hungry Eyes".

While BRE was still stuck on the Best of Eric Carmen album, The Chemist was happy that he had changed his to speak.  BRE made a quick lap of the lab, focused on SPP.  Once he gathered up his courage he approached her.  The other pigments tried to give SPP some nonverbal warning that BRE was odd and she should brush him off, but SPP was a kind hearted pigment and believed that everyone deserved a fair shake.

As luck would have it BRE and SPP hit it off. They talked for hours. They had so much in common. Like them both being eyeshadow pigments and their love for Eric Carmen music, just to name a few.  Well, one thing led to another and SPP kissed BRE.

The very next day, BRE had a new song on repeat on his iPod.  It was Eric Carmen and the Raspberries "Go All The Way".

It was obvious from the title and lyrics that SPE and BRE had consummated their relationship.  A new eyeshadow was born that day.  Yup. You guessed it. 

Armani Eyes To Kill Intense #27. BRE and SPP named her Oxidized Silver. OS for short. A beautiful combination of Silvery Pewter and a rich Burgundy red.  Making an almost perfect taupe eyeshadow.

OS is a new favorite at the lab.  She has a bubbly personality like her mom, SPP, but still has a love for Eric Carmen's music like her dad, BRE.  In fact, when she held a party for her parent's anniversary, she made sure they danced to "Almost Paradise" by Eric Carmen. 

It seemed fitting.  And they lived happily ever after.

I purchased this Armani Eyes To Kill Intense shadow #27 at Neiman Marcus wit the help of my favorite Sales Associate Kathy Shoreman.  Since this is a limited edition shade, I'm not sure how many are left.  You can call Kathy at 571-533-4972 if you want to make a purchase over the phone.  Otherwise I see it is available on the,, and The Armani Beauty Website.

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  1. This look GORGEOUS! I'm getting so frustrated these beautiful things aren't available here. Then again, it might be blessing in disguise for my wallet? Love Love Love this shade on you!

  2. I just bought this, and am even more excited to try it now after hearing the epic love story behind its creation. Just beautiful.

  3. You're killing me!
    I've always been tempted by these shadows, I might have to pick one up soon!

  4. Wears like iron - HAH. Slides off my eyelids within 2 hours. You asked last time what primer I used and I failed to answer - EL DoubleWear Shadow at the moment and in the past UDPP. Neither make that much difference and UDPP makes eyeshadow application almost impossible, I find. My eyelids - the solution to post peak oil.

    1. Oh, I hear you GreatSheElefant!! I have tried my way through SOOOO many primers & the BEST so far....Edward Bess in Cashmere & in Suede, which is darker & has a slight shimmer/glow. Suede gives me a 'my lids but better' scenario:) Sometimes I skip shadow & wear only Suede with a liner/ tightline , a brownish crease color & mascara.
      I have oily lids too but have been told that there is no such thing because the skin of the lids has no sebaceous glands!? I don't put cream on my where the heck is the oil coming from???

  5. Looks amazing on you!! I'm so jealous you can carry anything off,like the shades you wore yesterday that were ever so fabulous. On me I'd look like I had been sucker punched-on you it's beautiful.

  6. Gosh, that's a truly a beautiful colour

  7. Arrgghh--you too?!? I've been seeing this everywhere and I've tried to hold off, but I think you've done it. I really do NEED this!

  8. Please, stop being so wonderfully witty and sending me into lab-romance-dream-land, because each time I finish your tales I throw money out of my wallet! Seriously, this colour is beautiful on your eye and I love the liner you paired with it. Not that I need more, but wow this would be a great addition to my collection.

  9. Love this review YET AGAIN. I loved "Hungry Eyes" too. I like 28 just as well! Just yesterday a customer was trying to tell me that the Ombre d'Illusion from Chanel were the same - NO WAY. The glitter from the tester got all over my clothes and looked like the Milky Way, while the ETK stays put. Completely different formula!

    Great review.

  10. I love the look. I really like the Eyes To Kill eyeshadow. All the shades I've seen were gorgeous!

  11. You will be the death of my wallet! It didn't look taupe when I put it on my hand. Now I have to test it again.

  12. 571 is local to me, that just made me more excited somehow. This color is so gorgeous!

  13. I love taupe eyeshadows, especially loving the nuances in this one!

  14. Omg have you seen the brand new Aqua Collection #28 I think I am some serious trouble if it will truly stay on all day in between my sweat fests !! Ohh my I don't know who is going to get in trouble first me or you with my husband!LOL


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