Monday, October 15, 2012

Makeup Wars - Halloween Manicure

Makeup Wars is back with a Halloween Themed Manicure.  Since most of the gals in this group do not do nail art as a regular thing, I think it will be interesting to see what people come up with.  I personally do not do nail art, but I have seen enough of it to know that I suck at it. Ha!  Well actually some techniques are pretty simple, they just take time and patience, but coming up with the ideas....well that's a whole other issue entirely.  I might be clever with the written word, but coming up with nail art requires use of a totally different part of your brain.  That part in my brain, the "nail art lobe" is quite small and underdeveloped.

That's OK.  I made the effort. and despite some of my experiments turning out looking like a child's application I had fun doing it.

To start, I picked up some Revlon Nail Art Stencils.  I thought this might work better for me than the nail stickers...I was wrong.  The stencils must be used on absolutely dry one day dry!  Nouveau Cheap posted about the Sweetly Sinister Revlon Nail Art Stencils. There are a bunch of different kinds. I chose the skull & crossbones.  

I recently received my Layla Mirror Finish in Black as Ebony nail polish from Ninja Polish and I was excited to try out the color.  

I added the skull & cross bones as a sort of "work safe" Halloween manicure.  I wore this for a whole week and not one said "boo" about my nails, so I guess they passed the work test.

The Next Halloween manicure I did was using a DIY Nail Dotting Tool I made for myself. I followed the instructions from The Daily Varnish blog and used her tips for creating dotting tools. I made the flat head pin tool as that was the only type of pin I had in my house.  It worked perfectly!  Check out the tutorial on her blog. It's awesome!  This manicure was done using Maybelline Nail polish in Sweet Clementine, Color Club Black and some random white nail polish I had lying around. I think it was an old Wet N Wild polish.

As you can see I went a little dot happy. I think this kind of technique is better with a less is more approach. I couldn't help myself.  I do need to work on making the dots uniform and  being a bit more accurate with the placement. Hey I was using a tiny pin stuck into an eraser. I think I did pretty well.

The last manicure I did I used a bunch of different colors and I copied a nail design I saw on facebook. But when I went back to get the information to credit the original artist I couldn't find it.  If ANY of you know who did the design to inspire this I would sure appreciate you letting me know so I can update this blog with her information. All I remember is that the bright green she used for the "slime" was from Sally Hansen. What I used was Color Club Black. Then used Girly Bits Shift Happens over top.  Then I used Super Green from the Lilacquer Polishes, The Fifth Element Collection. as the slime.  Then some random White polish for the bubbles and Le Metier de Beaute Ken's Kontagious Koral for the red dots.  It was fun to wear but trust me the original design I got this from look way awesome-er!

So what did I learn from all of this nail art?
a) I need more nail polish remover.
b) I should stick with writing about taupe eyeshadow.
c) I had fun, even if my nails looked childish and amateurish.
d) I really need more nail polish remover.

Please check out the nail art from everyone else that participated in the Makeup Wars Halloween Nail Art Challenge.  It's fun to get ideas for future nail art and I bet a few of the experiences that this Makeup Wars group talks about will make you laugh!


  1. Your brain diagram is labeled wrong. What is marked as "basic motor functions" should clearly be "red lipstick compendium".

    1. OMG! You are so right! I totally forgot my Red Lipstick Cortex!

  2. The orange nails with the dots is adorable. I'd wear that look for sure. Great job!

  3. Aw you brat you did so good! I love your brain map!

  4. I like the last mani. It's very Cthulhu-ish looking.

  5. You are a riot! I love the last 2 manicures, too cute! :)

  6. *3* mani's? Show off! I do like the orange with dots, tho. I would totally go dot happy, too.

  7. Hehe, funny post :-) I actually really like the dotted nails. Like...really! I don't care that it's childish or amateurish, I'm a fan :-)

  8. You did good. I'm sad I didn't research this more. You can increase the size of your nail art patch if you want now. (Well maybe not that last one)

  9. Your dotted mani turned out great! I might actually try doing that just for fun!

  10. You did an amazing job!!!!!!!!! Love them all!

  11. I love the dots! I should have done dots instead of stencils.....

  12. You crack me up. Now I understand my brain so much better than before! Thank you!

  13. I think you underestimate your nail art creativity!!! I love your manicures! Especially the polka-dot one! Oh, and I am swooning for that Layla polish. So pretty! Plus, I love any post that mentions the Medulla Oblongata. Brings me back to my neuroscience grad school days! Your Taupe Shadow region is very developed indeed!


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