Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WEI To Go Sleep Over Kit Giveaway

When Birchbox sent me the WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit: Real Clean and Ideal Skin I was excited to try it out. A Gelled Oil Cleanser AND a CC Cream (like a BB cream but less opaque.)  I really wanted to test it.  But I looked at the ingredients and the CC cream contains Cyclopentasiloxane, a silicone that my skin just does not agree with.  Fortunately this is not a common reaction and most people don't have any problems with Cyclopentasiloxane. (It's in a ton of products. I bet you might even have a product or two that has Cyclopentasiloxane in it right now!)
For example. If you have used or currently use:

BECCA Beach Tint
Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl
Benefit Cosmetics the Porefessional
Covergirl CG Smoothers Liquid Makeup
Giorgio Armani: Luminous Silk Foundation
Kiehl's Abyssine Cream + SPF 23
Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation
Maybelline Shine Free Oil Control Makeup
Maybellline Dream Mousse Concealer
Miracle Skin Transformer
MUFE HD Foundation
NARS Sheer Glow Floundation
Sonia Kashuk Primer - Priming Vitamin Serum
TARTE Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation
TARTE Maracuja Miracle Foundation 12-Hour Broad Spectrum SPF 15
....just to name a few

You are using a product with Cyclopentasiloxane in it.  If you have not had an adverse reaction to it, you should be just fine using the WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit! (Individual results may vary)

So let's talk about the WEI to Go kit.
Admit it, you have, on occasion gone out for the night and neglected your normal skin care routine.  Perhaps you spent the night away from home, unexpectedly, but you instantly regret it when you wake up looking haggard in last night's makeup. If you had taken the WEI to Go Sleep Over kit with you, you might be sitting pretty instead of wondering what your makeup has done to your skin because you left it on all night long.  

The kit includes a one packet of WEI to Go’s Real Clean Gelled Oil Cleanser and one packet of the Ideal Skin Perfect Finish.  This is described as an advanced color-correcting CC Cream.  WEI offers it in three shades, Light, Medium and Tan, however the kit I'm giving away is Light.

This is how it works
The Gelled Oil Cleanser is infused with soothing tea seed oil and binds with all the dirt and debris on your face, so you’ll wake up with clear, glowing skin. Just apply a pea-sized amount of the gelled oil cleanser to your fingertips and massage into dry skin. Emulsify the cleanser with warm water massage briefly and then rinse away to clean skin.

The Ideal Skin Perfect Finish comes in a re-sealable plastic pack that is perfect for traveling. Its lightweight formula is supposed to evens out imperfections while infusing skin with a host of healing botanicals, including mandarin peel and licorice root extract.  In the morning, apply a thin, even layer of the tint onto skin and repeat to build coverage if desired.  

The WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit retails for $19 on the Birchbox Website. It seems like it would be a little life saver to have in your purse for those nights out on the town.

Oh and just so you know. You can shop on the Birchbox website without having or needing a subscription to the monthly service!
Now I give you a chance to win the light colored version of this kit.   Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  The giveaway runs from October 9th through the 23rd.  On the 23rd one random a winner will be selected who has entered the correct answer to the questions asked in the widget.  You can also get extra entries by following me on Facebook, Twitter, retweeting, etc.  This giveaway is open to anyone over the age of 18 living anywhere in the world.
Good luck to everyone entering!


  1. I would go on a vacation to Europe!
    answer is A

  2. A; and i would take it when i elope! ;)

  3. Answer is A

    And I would take it the next time I get to go on vacation!

  4. Answer is A
    I would take it on vacation, It's like the perfect size for a little purse size tote as well so I'd probably carry it out with me wherever.

  5. 1) A!

    2) I'd go anywhere. To the moon? Mars? :-)

  6. answer a. take it with me on vacation woot woot
    vanessa martinez

  7. Answer is A.

    I would take it on vacation to the beach with me! I just subscribed to your blog today (I found it from 15 Minute Beauty)--thanks for the giveaway!

  8. 1) A!
    2) ... I wish I had a vacation to go on so I could use this! But I'd also take it to work.

  9. 1) A ^^
    2)I would gladly take it to everywhere heheh i can imagine me using it in my next vacation heheh

    Thank you fo this giveaway!^^

  10. 1) A
    2) I'd take it with me the next time I went to a party... haha.

  11. 1) A
    2) I'd take it the next time I went somewhere overnight

  12. 1) A

    2) I'd take it with my when I stay over at my boyfriend's house

  13. 1) A
    2) I'd take it with me the next time I went somewhere overnight, possibly to visit my best friend.

  14. A!
    My dream trip would be: USA! :)

  15. The answer is A.

    I would take this on a last minute covert operation that would require me to take a red eye flight to... well, I can't tell you. It is a covert operation after all. But I want to look fresh-faced when I arrive. ;)

  16. A

    I would take this on a weekend trip!

    Would love to win an extra of these because I am obcessed with this cc cream!

  17. 1. A.
    2. I would take it with me wherever I go! I've been into using oil cleansing method to wash the makeup off my face lately, so I would love to give this a shot!

  18. 1. A

    2. Erm, once on an unexpected overnighter I was so worried about my skin I washed my face with hand soap. Yes. That happened. So this would be a lifesaver if I were to take it on any future unexpected overnighters.

  19. 1) A-2

    2) I'm doing an overnight cabin thing in November. Boys AND girls - but no hanky panky. Regardless, I want to look radiant as nature and genetics have not been too kind, even in my "youth".

  20. 1. A
    2. I would take it on vacation!

  21. 1) A
    2) I'd make my honey take me on a vacation just so I could use this. heh heh. :D

  22. Answer is A) 2 and I would take it on my next trip away, probably to visit my mom or sister!

  23. 1 - A

    2 - No place too exotic until the kid's out of school. When that happens, I'm going back to Bali!

  24. A; and

    My dream vacation is to visit Coney Island in NY!

  25. The answer is A. I would take the travel kit with me on my next vacation to CA.

  26. Hello! the answer is A) 2.
    I would take it on vacation.

  27. 1.A
    2. Going to visit family in NJ for Christmas.

  28. 1. A
    2. I would take it on a vacation to Norway =)

  29. A!
    I would take it with me on my next escape out of Alaska (crucial for our sanity here)!

  30. A
    I would take the kit on my next trip to see my daughter.

  31. A.
    I'd take it on my next business trip because that's usually when I get only 2 or 3 hours of sleep a day because the work schedule is tight. That's when my skin's just so sad.

  32. 1. A
    2. I'd take my kit when we go on a weekend trip to a haunted bed & breakfast in Savannah, Ga.! Gotta have great
    skin even if I'm sweating and shaking!

    rafflecopter name: Tina Renee Barker

  33. 1. A
    2. I'd take it on my trip to sacramento.

  34. A.) 2
    I'm going to Boston for the Christmas holiday. I'd take this :)
    vac 924 at gmail dot com

  35. 1)A
    2)go to bed of course

  36. 1. A
    2. on my work trips when there is too much work and not enough sleep time!

  37. The answer is A and I would take it on a long weekend getaway to Aruba!

  38. Hi
    The answer is A
    I would keep it in my purse to have something on hand when i oversleep ( happens a lot lately. Thank you colder season for making me late for work) and run out of the door. A little kit like this one would help me look at least half awake by the time i got to work

  39. 1) A! :D
    2) I'd keep it in my sleep-over bag for "emergency" stay-overs with those handsome strangers. ;)

  40. 1) A
    2) I'd take it with me in my "morning after" bag. :)

  41. The right answer is A

    I would love to take this on my next vacation, or even just tuck it into my purse for an unforeseen night spent at a friend's house.

  42. I would take it on a spontaneous overnight trip to the mountains!

  43. 1. A
    2. On an away business trip!

  44. A) 1
    I'd take it on overnight trips to my parents house

  45. A
    in my purse everywhere. I recently had an family emergency and left the house in a hurry without a way to refresh when I wound up staying away for over 36 hours. Wish I had cleanser and cover up to at least look more refreshed.

  46. 1) A) 2
    2) for my next night out and sleep-overs at friends or my lovely boyfriend-who hasn't got any girly and USEful stuff,phhh :)

  47. 1. A.
    2. I'd take it to visit my parents and sister in Florida!


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