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Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Collection - Review, Pictures, Swatches

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When I was giben the o[pportunity to review one of the Make Up For Ever's gift sets for this holiday I was thrilled.  1) Because I like getting stuff to review. 2) Because I like giving you all stuff to want. 3) I have not had much experience with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Pencils.  I had one which I reviewed HERE. but I really didn't play with it all that much, and while I do wear it quite often, I feel like I should try other colors from the collection before I pass final judgement.  Know what I mean?

Let's face it. I'm the kinda gal that will dismiss an entire line of makeup based solely on how well the black eyeliner pencil preforms.  I once received a black eyeliner pencil from a very popular brand and it was such bunk, I didn't even pursue getting more from the line.  My husband, Mr. Sith always says you can judge how good a restaurant is by how good their soup tastes.  One of the most basic things to make is soup and if they can't get that right, they probably aren't going to get anything else right.  I must say, that's a good way to look at things. If a makeup company cant get a simple black pencil eyeliner right, how are they ever going to get anything else right?  (Sure it's over simplified and the "logic" is flawed, but work with me here, OK?)

Does Make Up For Ever pass The Pink Sith Black Eyeliner Test?

Let's take a look at what comes in the frugally priced Aqua Eyes Collection set from Sephora, first. Shall we?

For $36 USD you receive The Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Collection.  This is a limited-edition selection of Make Up For Ever's popular smudge-proof eyeliners.  The collection features 4 mini or 0.025 oz Aqua Eyes in Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey), Blue With Green Highlights 12L (metallic teal blue), Champagne 23L (metallic pink champagne), Black Purple 6L (deep purple)and 2 full size 0.04 oz Aqua Eyes in Mat Black 0L (black), Pearly Brown 2L (golden brown sheen).

What's so great about these pencils?  I'll tell you what is so great about these pencils.  They don't smudge. I mean they really do not budge. Oh and they are waterproof to boot!  So when the holidays come and you are crying because your fiance proposed or your mom gave you a Member's Only Jacket, your eyeliner will not streak or run or fade.  You can quickly take pics of you and the engagement ring without worry of a tear streaked face in the pictures you post to instagram.  Alternatively your can take pictures of the Member's Only Jacket and post it directly to e-bay without ruining the horrendous jacket with eyeliner tears they drip from your face as you get yet another crappy gift of clothing from your family.

The colors are not crazy in this set and I really think almost anyone can use them.  Plus having a full size Black and Full Size Brown pencil really is great because I can't tell you hoe many nubs of black pencils I have in my life. It's always good to have another full size.  The formula is soft and smooth. The colors glide on with little to no effort and one could easily use these as eye shadows in a pinch.  You know, like after you stayed up all night watching A Christmas Story on TBS because they play it on a continual loop and you just want to see the Visiting Santa scene one more time. "Ho Ho Hooooo"! (OK. Maybe I'm the only one that does that)

So to answer the earlier question, Does the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Collection PASS the Black Eyeliner Test?  YES!  Not only is the black eyeliner so soft and so nicely pigmented, it glides on, doesn't smudge (once it has set) and lasts a long long time.  The fact that the collection comes with 5 other colors is just icing on the cake of Awesome!

Cake of Awesome created by Trish Patterson

You can purchase the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Collection Set from Sephora for $36 USD. If you decide to give it to yourself I promise not to tell!

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  1. Sadly the set available in the UK has only the black pencil at full size - the brown is a mini like the others - and a turquoise-y shade instead of the champagne. Still worth getting, though! Appreciate the review.

  2. I bought this set for myself to try out. I loooove these eyeliners. so much more creamy and glides so nicely on the upper waterline and stays. I probably only be using these from now on. :)


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