Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BaubleBar And Essie Collaboration - Jewelery and Nail Polish Team Up For A Fantastic Result - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Anyone that really knows me knows I'm as stylish as cat hair on toast. I'm as stylish as plastic slipcovers on a couch. I'm as stylish as a lit match in an oil refinery.  OK. Maybe not THAT bad, but I really don't dress or accessorize too much in my daily life. I have my wedding ring and engagement ring and a bracelet that Mr. Sith purchased for me for our 10th wedding anniversary.  I don't wear earrings and my wardrobe consists mostly of black, white and grey and the errant purple and green mixed in. I wear jeans as much as I can and the ugliest Keen lace ups ever invented (or flip flops in the warmer months)  People like Anna Wintour would blanch at the sight of me.  So it really made me pause when the ladies from contacted me and asked if I would be interested in looking over their site and perhaps choosing a few items from their Essie collaboration.  

First let me explain that is a jewelery website. They have a wide range of AFFORDABLE and stylish jewelery from bangles to earrings to necklaces and everything in between.  What is most interesting is that they introduce new products to the website 5 days a week!  On occasion they partner with major brands for limited-time and limited-piece collections with the customers of in mind.  With each each Trend Collection they offer styling tips to help you get "the look".  Now THIS is a jewelery website I could actually get into. debuts new "shoppable" trends every Monday at 11am EST. Facebook Fans get hip to their "Newbie Knockout" every Tuesday, where they pick their favorite new arrival to unlock a special treat. Every Thursday they highlight one of their favorite Designers and showcase signature pieces.  Plus each Designer purchase comes complete with a free gift selected by the designer.  And every Friday and Monday has a treasure hunt to find a secret bauble that has been secretly marked down to $10 (Friday) and $20 (Monday).  A lot of their items are priced under $50 and some pieces I really like are in the $25 range.  I actually have found myself window shopping on the website a lot lately.  Its almost like the "style bug" has bitten me.  Good Grief. I can't afford another obsession! recently teamed up with essie nail polish and they have this neat collection. You pick a nail polish that is paired with a specific bracelet and then you pick 2 more bracelets to complete your look.  

It is all sent to you in a sweet little silver metallic vinyl clutch.  

The bracelets and nail polish fit neatly inside (There's even a little slot to hold the nail polish!)

Enough talk. Here is what I selected.

Essie Leading Lady nail polish that comes with a enameled hinge bracelet. Then I asked the ladies at to pick 2 more bracelets for me (because I really had no idea which to choose).  The package arrived neatly packed and quickly.  The cost of this set is $50 and it includes 1 essie nail polish and three bracelets.  Not bad if you ask me.  Plus imagine how awesome a gift that would make for one of your friends/relatives/YOU!  The bracelet had a good heft to it and it felt nice on the wrist (not too confining or anything like that) Hey, work with me here. I've never had to review jewelery before.  It seemed like decent quality and it is something I would totally wear. (That's the most important thing.)

Here are the other 2 bracelets that they sent to me. 

I ADORE this blue leather like bracelet with the silver clasp. I really like to wear it with another essie color called Butler Please (I forgot to take a picture of that one)  

The green faux emerald bracelet is super sweet as well as it is on trend for spring and can go with a multitude of polish choices.

I never thought of coordinating my jewelery with my nail polish. Sure I do consider my nail polish and clothing cohesiveness, but not so much that I would change my manicure to have it go better with an outfit.  Now however, I'm really starting to pay attention to my accessory choices and selections.  Gosh Darn it! has made me actually THINK about being ...STYLISH!! I'm really happy with my selections, I'm thrilled with the quality of the jewelery I received and I am definitely going to order more from I wish they had Brooches or Pins to choose from. I do wear pins a lot as it's an easy stylish addition to my normally bland outfits I wear to work.

The essie Leading Lady nail polish is nice. It's kind of a deep red jelly base with red and pink and maybe a litle gold glitter in it.  It wears well with a base and top coat.  This picture is just 2 coats, but they are admditly heavier coats than normal. I don't normally choose red polish because I think it makes me look like I have lobster hands, but I really liked the bracelet it came it, so you know, sacrifice!  Ha!

What do you all think?  Does this sound like a neat idea, joining nail polish and jewelery?  Would this be a website you might frequent on a regular basis?  

I have provided my referral link HERE.  Alternately you can use my referral code 16668729 when signing up though the main page.  Signing up for through my referral link or by using my referral code will get me referral points which I can use toward purchases from I have provided my referral link and code only once in his post.  (Located above with the "HERE" designation and by noting the numbers 16668729 as my referral code.) Throughout the rest of this post I have used non referral links to  If you choose not to sign up though my referral link or code, I'm totally OK with that. The non-referral links in the post will NOT give me any points or special favors from the company if you decide to click on them.


  1. can you do a review of the nail polish you got?

  2. Woah, I love the matching bracelet :-)

  3. Pretty. I love bracelets but I always have to make my own because my wrists are child sized and the average adult bracelet falls right off.

    I saw that polish the other day and almost got it but put it back because I never wear the red polishes I already have.

  4. What a great idea! The polish and bracelet combo looks beautiful...

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  6. I'm so glad someone I know got this special. I have been to the website a few times but some of the bracelets I wanted were sold out so I didn't pull the trigger. Now I wish I had! Love that polish and the bracelet that goes with it!

  7. I love the idea of matching jewelry to your nails. Very cute. I may have to buy this as a Christmas gift to myself.

  8. Very cute, but after reading your post I went to their site to place an order and they don't even offer the 2 extra bracelets that they sent to you. Very disappointing...


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