Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Senna Cosmetics Haute Nudes Palette in Mystic - Review, Pictures, Swatches

Yesterday I brought you a review and pictures of the Senna Cosmetics Haute Nudes Palette in Sultry.  The warm colors from this highly pigmented palette will give any neutral lover a bevy of looks from one small palette.  Today I have the sister palette in this series, the cool alternative to the warmness of Sultry. Today I bring you. The Mystic Palette.

As I mentioned in my first review, I had reservations about the quality and functionality of this palette. I wasn't sure I was actually going to like it. I tend to get overwhelmed with too many eyeshadow choices. To be honest, I didn't know all that much about Senna Cosmetics, so I wasn't sure if their eyeshadows were up to snuff.  I was happily proven wrong and found that the quality of BOTH Haute Nudes Palettes to be exceptional.

Here is the thing tho.  I kinda like this palette better.  Don't tell Sultry, but I like Mystic way more then Sultry.  I don't want to hurt Sultry's feelings, but Mystic has a TAUPE! and other colors that just call my name.  Now Sultry has the warm neutrals that all makeup artists agree I should wear. They say they are the most flattering for my skin color and hair.  But PINK blush and TAUPE and PURPLE, I just can't resist their siren song. I have fallen under Mystic's spell, and I can't get out.

Let's take a closer look at Mystic, shall we?  A well thought out yet compact palette easy  for travel with an ample mirror for on the go application.  The brushes included are not the best, but I have yet to find any palette with a decent brush set for under $75.  So I wasn't expecting much.  

The liner brush is actually OK in this set, so it's worth keeping. Like the other palette this one comes with an insert on how to apply the shadows in a couple of different ways.  

You can also check out the video Tutorial HERE.

We have two sweet pink face powders. One a blush and the other a shimmery highlighter. There is no disco ball effect in this highlighter, but the shimmer can be less than subtle depending upon how heavy you apply it.

Then you have 6 eyeshadow colors ranging from sparkly white to velvety taupe to matte dusty lilac and a matte deep black.  All 6 shadows are very well pigmented, just like the Sultry palette, but in Mystic you have the sweet sweet addition of TAUPE eyeshadow, and a very pretty taupe If I do say so myself.  You see, Taupe makes all palettes better. Even taupe blush would make a blush palette better. Taupe is what makes the world spin round. Taupe is the elixir of life. Looking at a new taupe shadow is like seeing a sunrise for the first time. It warms your whole body, it....

Oh. Apologies. I got sucked into a Taupe Mind Warp. I hope I wasn't there too long.  It happens from time to time.  One day I will explain to you what it is like, but for now let's finish this review.

Do you NEED this? YES! For $48,  you get 6 eyeshadows, a blush and highlighter all in one case...and for those that care, 2 dual ended brushes and a blush brush (of sorts). That's a pretty good deal if I do say so myself.  Mystic has a LOVELY taupe in the shadow selection, and this palette is better suited for cooler toned skin.  Light or dark this will work, but if you have gold or yellow undertones this might not be the one for you...luckily you have the Sultry palette to sate you.  As I said these were sent for review, but I was hesitant about the quality.  Well I am hesitant no more and I find myself reaching for this palette again and again.


  1. These colors are to die for!! They look beautiful on you! :)

  2. You can never go wrong with a great taupe. It works so well with all my favorite colors... plum, sage green, brown...

  3. That black looks impressive. I like this pallet more than the other one.

  4. OMG!!! This is so lovely. Love the shades for they look light and natural. I wanna have one of this.

  5. I'm delighted to see someone reviewing Senna Cosmetics. I've been a longtime fan of their shadows, blushes and mineral foundation (an HG). The quality is excellent, the colors are true and flattering to all. I find myself buying at least one item from each season. I think Mystic need to be my new travel companion. Thank you for your thoughts on this niche line

  6. Unless you live in California or visit their booth at the Makeup Show in your city, most people won't hear about Senna. Pity - it's a great line, with lovely products and gracious staff. I agree with DRTVrMoi above - Senna has become a kind of underground cult gavorite. It's good to see Senna getting some favorable airplay" on the Web!

  7. Ooohh mamma, of COURSE I need this palette! I wish the blushes were a bit more pink but I could wear all those colors!

  8. Wow, I really LOVE that palette. I bet you will get a lot of use out of it. :)

  9. Wow just like you I thought I would go gaga for Sultry but I like Mystic way better--it's the lilac, purple and yes taupe shadows that grab me. I Want!


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