Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Care Body Wash With NutriumMoisture - Review

Want to find out what it is like where I live?  Here we go.....
Imagine yourself in the suburbs of Washington, DC. It is cool, around 40 F / 7 C degrees.  The air is dry, unusually so for this mildly humid climate.  The dryness lingers all Winter long. It mocks you by cracking your lips, and making your skin feel tight and itchy. The soles of your feet become hard and cracked from the moisture wicking socks in your boots. There are strange creatures zipping along in SUVs of all colors, wearing Yoga Pants and sporting high end hand bags and jewelery. They do a sort of dance around a parking lot of Target in their SUVs. Each one vying for the closest spot to the store and hoping to score the enviable "Expectant Mother/Mother with Small Children" designated parking space.  As they enter the store, their $400  haircut and highlights are in stark contrast to the fluorescent overhead lights of the local Target.  These creatures roam the store in packs.  Their Nike cross trainers barely making a sound as they stalk their prey of diapers, inexpensive rompers for their offspring and huge boxes of detergent.   You enter the store and avoid eye contact with the gang of yoga pant clad moms with their off road strollers and their perfectly appointed bundles of joy sitting snug in their rolling thrones.  That's when you calmly and quickly may your way to the personal care aisles and seek out a sign from above that says "Body Wash/Soap".  You dodge one of the more aggressive of the pack of Lululemon devotees and find yourself in an aisle where every body wash is competing for your attention.  That's when you reach for your savior.  As if in slow motion, the pack freezes like deer in headlights and watches as your smooth creamy skinned hand reaches out from under your no name wool coat and clutches the one thing that can make even snooty, perfectly highlighted haired yoga pants wearing mommies squeal with delight. You reach for Dove Winter Care Body Wash!

It is then, when you are descended upon by the pack. They are asking questions about your selection.  As if it was a reflex, you answer each and every question.

"What is that?"
"Is it new?"
Well, not really. It's limited edition. It can be found on shelves every Winter. Usually, January through March. 

"Is your skin dry?"
Is my skin dry?  Does a bear sh....err..Um.  Well let's just say that dry doesn't even begin to cover it.  It's parched, thirsty for moisture, dare I say dehydrated?  Yes. I do so dare! The skin on my body (unlike my oily face) craves moisture most of the year, but in the Winter, it's much more ravenous for moisture.  As soon as I step out of the shower I can feel my skin begin to get tight and flaky.  From the soles of my feet to the tip of my fingers my skin is screaming for moisture.  I used to sate my skin by applying gallons and gallons of lotions and creams all over my body. While I may have finally found some lotion and cream brands that work for me, they aren't the most inexpensive brands.  In fact, they are down right expensive. I hate having to use more lotion in the winter because my skin drinks up the lotions and creams like a thirsty camel.

"Does it work?"
Absolutely.  In fact, with repeated use, I found that I needed less of my expensive body lotions and creams because Dove Winter Care body wash helped replenish essential nutrients and nourished my skin deep down.  

"What is it like?"
Dove Winter Care body wash looks and feels like lotion, when compared to other body washes.  However, unlike most body washes, Dove Winter Care body wash has an amazing lather. A little goes a long way, but why use just a little when you can cover your body from the soles of your feet to the top of your neck in rich, cushiony, creamy bubbles? You no longer have to compromise rich lather or moisturized skin.  You get both!

"Is it better than the original Dove Body Wash?
It's formulated differently.   In addition to Dove's NutriumMoisture technology, the Dove Winter Care body wash adds in Glycinate, an ingredient primarily used in high-end facial products.  Combine that with the brand’s NutriumMoisture technology and you get Dove's mildest yest most moisturizing formula ever!

"How does it compare with other body washes?"
 Well actually it puts other body washes to shame.  Check out this video from Dove showing how it compares. 
*whips out phone while inquisitive cross training adorned women watch in awe*
"How did you hear about this body wash?"
Well actually It was sent to me for review, but I liked it so much I picked up an extra one for myself.  You see my husband is super weird about body washes. He is always saying that certain soaps leave this strange film on his skin.  But when he used the Dove Winter Care body wash, he said he didn't notice any film left over and the scent, while flowery, isn't overpowering.  Plus he has stopped sneaking as much of my expensive hand cream.

It is then that you realize these comfy pant wearing super moms know you exist and have command of language to communicate with others not of their kind.  All of a sudden the expressions on their faces, which you once thought were snarls and darting eyes, are merely smiles and eager looks to make a connection with an adult that doesn't talk about diapers or PBS Kids shows.   They seem tame, almost "friendly".  It is then that you begin to realize that these cotton/spandex clad people are not some strange new species, but simply women that want soft, moisturized skin, just like you.  

You can find Dove Winter Care Body Wash in  most stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Drugstore.com, Soap.com and Wal-Mart.  It retails for around $6 USD for a hefty 24 oz bottle.  But unlike the regular Dove body wash, the Dove Winter Care will only be on shelves until March, so you might want to get your own bottle sooner than later.  And be nice to the yoga pant moms, they are people too!


  1. I may have to try this :) I'm loving my Korres body wash at the moment, but my skin can always use more moisture, especially since I'm so bad at using body cream (hand cream I use all the time, body cream less so).

  2. I bought some of this last winter and liked it. I can't seem to find it around yet. I'm also in the dc metro area. My skin is really hating me right now.

  3. Oh my. This sounds ideal, I have the same combination of super dry skin and oily face. So frustrating! I tried dove's silk glow shower gel last year and thought that was pretty special so I'm going to have to try and find this! Xo

  4. You really made me wanna try this one and I will :)

  5. I use the Dove total moisture I think it's called? I don't feel like going to my shower to check! Haha

  6. Hmmmm.....interesting. I am thinking of trying it out since I have to be sometimes having dried up skin. This looks like a great product to try out, why not????

  7. They make Dove Summer Care as well! I have used it and really liked it. Honestly, it sounds similar to winter care it's supposed to be very moisturizing.

  8. I've been using Olay 7-in-1 Total Effects Body Wash for a few years now as it has been the only body wash that doesn't strip my already winter-shriveled skin. It is effective but it's pricey for the size. I'll be trying the Dove Winter to see if it works for me.

  9. You are so lucky. At my Super Tarzhay, I get accosted -- twice -- by annoying hipsters for Jesus who tell me God wants them to pray for me. I also have the mega oily face & scalp with dry body skin, so this new Dove formula is going in my cart. If I can dodge the soul-savers.

  10. What a cute post! Next time I happen to do a Target run in yoga pants, I will think of this post! ;) I didn't know that Dove released body washes seasonally! This sounds like just what my dry, thirsty, itchy skin needs! I don't know what I would do in a cold climate as my skin is dry as can be in humid/temperate GA!

  11. My skin actually HURTS right now, I need to check this out!

  12. My skin doesn't even tend to be dry, but this winter has really done a number on my skin! I need to check this out STAT!

  13. This was one of my faves last year but I'm having the same problem as Jennifer and can't seem to find it this year - those yoga pant wearing moms have probably bought all up thanks to your big mouth!

    And I'm sorry but people who wear yoga pants when they aren't actually at yoga rank right up (or rather down) there with people who wear leggings as pants!

    Best, Lisamarie

  14. I have absolutely no idea if we get this is in the UK (prays we do) but I can totally relate the Mummy-packs! Stand tall, oh-silky skinned one :D

  15. I have this and it's great...in fact, I'm going out after work to stock up. Found mine at Target...but I'm going to Walgreens today.

  16. First of all, you are hilarious. This was a pure joy to read. I finally got around to picking this up today after seeing your review. While I was at the store, I decided to compare the ingredients in this one to other Dove body washes to see if I could decipher what the magic was. So guess what? The ingrediens list on their 'Deep Moisture' body wash is IDENTICAL to 'Winter Care'. They smell different, but based on what they're made of, I'd assume they'd perform the same. I just wanted to share :-)

  17. I have to say... Lululemon pants are some of the most comfortable pants I own and they make my ass look spectacular

  18. I am going through this post and thinking of it’s theme and trying to understand what is this post about.


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