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BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Eclipsed - Review, Pictures, Swatches

BECCA Eclipsed

I was recently on an olive green eyeshadow kick. I sated my desire for the rich golden-green hues of a good olive shadow by picking up a few items.  The BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Eclipsed is one of those items that helped quell the desire for olive green.

Before I talk about the quad itself. Allow me to explain one thing.  I have yet to find an olive green shadow that speaks to me as much as any taupe shadow does, but if taupe was not a color visible in our spectrum, the world would be an awful place, but it wouldn't be all that unpleasant because olive green would replace my love of taupe.  But here is the problem. I go through phases with LOVE IT or HATE IT with olive green. I wish I was more consistent. So while I'm now in a HATE IT phase while I write this review, keep in mind that I was in a LOVE IT when I purchased this palette and wore it. Long story, short; I'm crazy AND fickle.

The BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Eclipsed is a small eyeshadow palette, about the size of a MAC blush with Metallic Silver, Metallic Champagne, what BECCA claims is "Metallic Khaki" But I call it a matte tan, and Metallic Moss. I was happy to have the metallic finishes of the BECCA eyeshadows as I find them to be the softest and easiest to blend.  I'm just not a fan of matte eyeshadow. So sue me. (No. don't sue me. I owe a lot of money to the tax man this year)

Anyhoo...when my palette arrived I was greeted by the ubiquitous matte brown packaging that all BECCA cosmetics come in. Once I removed my palette I was greeted by the endearing "flying saucer" packaging that most of the pan based cosmetics are housed.  True they are a pain to stack, but they look so cute I can't resist the packaging!

BECCA Eclipsed

But the real treat was when I opened the palette.  A chorus of olive green angels began to harmonize and the dulcet tones wrapped around my body like a warm olive green quilt. I was also recovering from the flu at the time so I may have been hallucinating from the fever.

The shadows in the Eclipsed palette are medium hard. They are harder than the old skool BECCA shadows but not terrible.  The color payoff from all shadows was excellent.  As you can see in the swatch, the colors were all distinctive and worked well in multiple combinations.

Speaking of combinations.  What is it about eyeshadow palettes with four or five colors that make us want to use every color on our eyes at the SAME TIME.  Dude!  Step away from the eyeshadow.  There is NO NEED to use every color presented to you in the palette.  Try two or three or one. But all four?  Not necessary. Do-able, but not necessary.

BECCA claims you can go from day to night with this palette, and they are right. You can crate a lovely and serene daytime look with the lighter shades or a light shade with a darker crease and then go all smoky eye with the darker shades. It's pretty versatile.

As far as quality goes, the shadows last a decent amount of time on the eye (with a primer) without fading or creasing.  There was little to no powder fall out when applying the shadows and they all blended nicely, even the mate shadow. 

Here are a few eye looks I created with this palette. Please excuse the small size of the photos. my camera settings had been changed my a mischievous 6 year old boy that thought he was "helping" by playing with my camera.

Metallic Grey with Metallic Champagne
Metallic Moss Green with Matte Brown

Do you NEED this?  I will have to say YES!. At $40 for a 0.28 oz palette it may seem expensive, but each shadow is 0.07 oz which is close to average. Also, the combination of shades is nice and it's a color combination I don't see too often. You can purchase the BECCA Ultimate Eye Colour Quad in Eclipsed and in 4 other color combinations at,, and


  1. Wauw, you really make me want this! It's weird how the Becca palettes don't get a lot of buzz and maybe it's one of the reasons that I overlooked these. The colours are totally my thing, love it! And your comment about using all the shades in a look is something that I recognize myself, lol! I do see it as a challenge to incooperate every shade in quads and quints in a look, just for fun ^^.

  2. Longtime blurker here...Your writing is always so on point, but there's something about this particular post that made me long for this pallet. Straight up coveting this pallet as I'm sitting her trying to get some work done. Maybe it's all the talk of a chorus of olive green angels and warm quilts. Gah. Must buy this now.

  3. This looks really nice. I don't always get attractive to Becca products, but this looks beautiful. I think I should pick one up, considering that the Sephora sale is starting soon.

  4. I bought this quad last year during F&F and was sorely disappointed. I wanted to love this quad, since I have a raging hard on for olive shadows. Though the quality of the shadows was fantastic, I found that they looked really murky on me despite trying many combinations of looks :(

  5. This one is gorgeous! I have Astro Violet and absolutely love it and I've been meaning to grab this one for a while. The quality is fantastic and the shades are all so pretty! Love these quads!

  6. The champagne color is gorgeous and although I'm normally not a green girl I like the olive too.

  7. Phases of not liking olive green? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Olive greens are my favorite :)


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