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Lise Watier INDIA Eau De Toilette Spray - Review, Pictures

Lise Watier INDIA eau de toilette
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Lise Watier has released their Summer collection, and the theme is India Gold.  The warm hues gold and amber are complimented by deep purples and teals.  The fragrance for this collection is a veritable 180 from the infamous Neiges scent that the brand is so well known for.  While Neiges means "Snow" in French, the new Lise Watier fragrance, simply named "INDIA",  evokes warm and sultry images of an exotic Eastern world.

INDIA eau de toilette (EDT) takes you on a journey in India that is rich in fragrance without giving you a claustrophobic reaction to the warm fragrances that make up this unique scent.  The bottle alone would be a pretty complement to any vanity or dresser.  Housed in a stout cylindrical purple glass bottle with a delicate gold stenciled design, it is reminiscent of the beautiful Saris that many women wear in India. I can almost see the silk saris fluttering in the breeze evoking a dignified sense of beauty for the wearer and admirer, as I take in this fragrance.   The spray allows for just the right amount of fragrance to be released on the various pulse points on your body. Too much and you will knock out your colleagues in the elevator. Too little and you won't even be able to appreciate the warm floral embrace of this scent.

Much like sunrise on the Ganges river, Lise Watier's INDIA edt has the same sense of anticipation for greater things to come, at first spray.  
Immediately you are greeted by the ripe notes of nectarines, passion fruit and bergamot. The fruity accord may scare off many that are not fans of gourmand or fruit fragrances, but I promise, much like a sunrise where the colors fade and give way to new hues in the morning sky, INDIA by Lise Watier also evolves to reveal a much warmer floral base to this fragrance.
After the initial spray and going into the dry down of the fragrance, the "meat" of the fragrance is revealed. The light and airy scent of Honeysuckle teases you down a path where heady tuberose petals and velvety gardenia blossoms greet you in a well manicured garden maintained with native flora that withstands the high heat and humidity of India. 
 The humidity is starting to fall heavy in the air as the morning sun gives way to the afternoon blaze, like the thick humid air of an afternoon in Kolkata, India.


It is only then, in the base of the fragrance where the creamy sandalwood, white amber and a light touch of musk grounds the fragrance.  Then, as if you are transported across the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea in the Andaman Islands, you find yourself on Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island.  Much like the cool sea breezes, the sandalwood, white amber and musk cut the warm floral fragrance of gardenia and tuberose down to a refreshing yet inviting scent.
Andaman Islands, India
Andaman Islands, India

Lise Watier INDIA eau de toilette is available at and retails for $57 USD.


  1. Those photos and the description make me long for summer... Good thing they're predicting SNOW tomorrow to cool me off, sigh.

  2. I must say I had no idea that a bergamot looked like a lime that got hit with the ugly stick.

  3. I love how you let us experience the scent of the perfume by describing to us how it feels to wear the scent. This is a great review. I will visit the store and smell this personally. I got tempted by your review.


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