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Perlier 8-piece Mini Shower Cream and Body Balm Set with Bag - Review

Perlier 8 piece sampler 

Did you ever buy a shower gel or body lotion only to find out  once it was shipped to you that the scent did absolutely nothing for you?  Or worse yet, the scent was repulsive to you?  Now you're stuck with a fancy shower cream or body balm and you can't stand the thought of using it because of the scent.  What about buying a fancy new body balm and finding out it's not as moisturizing as you had hoped..or the opposite, it's a bit too moisturizing for what you intended it for.  Now you're stuck with this tub of body cream and no way to use it.  Well thanks to the good folks from Perlier and you don't have to guess and hope. is offering an 8 piece sample bag for you to test and see which bath creams and body balms work best for you and your discerning sniffer!

Perlier is a body care brand located near Turin Italy.  They have an on-going commitment to research and their team of botanists, biologists, agronomists, physicians, and chemists and pharmacists are the key to the success of this brand.   Perlier's offices and labs sit on over 150 acres of land, free of pesticides and insecticides. This is where Perlier cultivates, under strict control, the plants, flowers and honey from which the ingredients are taken for their products. Perlier has been Italy's premier manufacturer of luxury Bath and Body treatments for over 80 years.  They are committed to developing the best skin bath and body care, and the most powerful natural products that science can deliver - all with NO ANIMAL TESTING.  The best part is that Perlier has a direct and sensible approach to skin care. They don't promise miracles, just efficient results.

Let's take a closer look at the items that come in this set:

First off I found ALL the Shower Creams and ALL the Body Balms to be effective with moisturization, but not overly moisturizing. I still had to apply body lotion (or in this case, body balm) after showering.  All the shower creams  lathered up nicely and all rinsed clean. It did not feel as it there was a film on my skin, nor did it feel as if there was any excessive stripping of the natural oils of my skin while using the shower creams.  All the Body Balms were creamy and absorbed well into my skin, after showering.  They did not feel excessively greasy, but there was a definite feel of having a body balm when applied to the feet and hands.  The main reason being is that feet with lotion will feel slippery no matter what, and hand cream can take a little longer to absorb if one has JUST come out of the shower.  All in all, I liked the results I achieved from using the Perlier products...the real test, however, is with the fragrance.

The main thing that sold me on this set was the honey scented products.  I LOVE the scent of honey.  Honey anything in bath cream or shower gel, lotion, perfume, shampoo, oils, etc is my weakness. If it has honey in it, I want it!  The fragrance for the Perlier Honey products is not strong. In fact, none of the items in this sampler have an overly strong fragrance.  For the Honey scent, it is not overpowering and not synthetic smelling, but it is also so light that some less sensitive noses might miss the fragrance entirely. I still love it tho. In fact, I like to combine the body balm with a little bit of a very expensive By Killian fragrance so that the scent layering of honey and a base note of honey in the perfume keep the delicious scent with me longer in the day.

As far as the other products go:

Olivarium Bath & Shower Cream Mini and Olivarium Body Cream Mini have a fresh herbal scent. Almost a green scent without being too feminine. The Olivarium is a good unisex fragrance. It's so nice that Mr. Sith enjoyed using up the last of it while he was showering.  He asked if I was going to get a full size bottle, in passing, mind you. He didn't make a point of asking, but did find a sly way to work it into the conversation.  When Mr. Sith takes the time to notice a shower get, you better believe it's pretty awesome.  Much to my relief, the Olivarium products do not smell like Olive Oil.  That is the basis for the moisturizing properties of this set, but overall the scent is a clean and refreshing green/herbal scent.  Its a close runner up to the honey, for me and a number one favorite of Mr. Sith.

The Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Cream Shower Mini and Shea Butter with Citrus Extract Body Balm Mini have such a light and refreshing citrus scent that it will fool you into thinking that you have a Sicilian lemon tree growing in your shower. OK. Not really, but that's where the citrus fragrance comes from, in addition to limes and oranges.  This is not an overpowering synthetic citrus scent.  That alone makes me admire this duo.  But the fact that the scent is strong enough for only ME to smell it, makes this a keeper.

Last but not least is the White Almond Shower Cream Mini and White Almond Body Cream Mini. A lot of Almond scented products make me ill. I'm pretty sure it is because they use TOO MUCH of that almond fragrance in the product.  The Perlier White Almond duo is lightly scented and delicate.  It reminds me of visiting the shops in Sicily where they make some of the most amazing marzipan creations.  I don't dare go in the shops because I would turn into a vacuum and inhale the entire stock of marzipan. I keep a safe distance and a wall of glass between me and my food weakness.  The faint scent of Marzipan wafts through the air as people enter and exit the shops.  That's enough to keep me sated until I can savor one delectable piece of the sweet almond paste confection.  Until then,  I can keep my "addiction" at bay whilst using the Perlier White Almond Bath Cream and Body balm. It's just scented enough to entice, but not so much that I go on a marzipan frenzy.

Do you NEED this? If you are on the market for a high end shower cream and or body balm, this is the set for you. If you want to have little shower creams and body balms for your guests this summer, then this set is for you. If you travel and want to take a little luxury with you, this is the set for you. If you just like variety, then ...well, you get the idea.  BUT if you were recently browsing the Neiman Marcus website (like I was) and came across the Perlier 3 Liter Honey Miel Shower Gel bottle and had a minor coronary at the $125 price tag, then you will REALLY like the fact that you can purchase a huge 3 liter bottle of the Honey Miel Shower Gel on for only $79!   That's right. Be a fresh smelling and clean as a lady who lunches at Neimans for less money!  OK. I know that's not really an incentive, but that is a great discount. Don't you think?

The Perlier 8-piece Mini Shower Cream and Body Balm Set with Bag retails for a mere $19.95.  That's a terrific price for high end shower and bath products if you ask me.  Oh what's that? You want a discount?  Well guess what. I have one for you! Thanks to the loverly ladies at iFabbo, who sent this sampler to me, you can now receive $5 off ANY Perlier product purchase at by using the code ifabbo5

So what say you? Any of these fragrances entice you? What is your favorite bath gel/Shower cream scent?  Do you like to have matching body wash and lotion scents?


  1. I want them all! Seriously, I can't pick a favorite here, all these scents sounds great :-)

  2. For discount ladies, Perlier often ends up in Winners in Canada-(not sure if it's TJ Maxx or Ross in the US that's the same)a lot of stuff does

  3. Hmmmm....interesting. Great review on these items. Upon reading your review, I think I wanna try them out. They seem like great products to try out. Kinda curious on its scent...

  4. I LOVE the Perlier body butters! They're like an actual body "butter" with the consistency. I like to use it at night on my elbows/knees/heels and it keeps them just as soft the following morning as they were right when I applied it! I never tried their other stuff, though. But I agree, the scents are very mild (which I like--it's almost unscented but with a little something extra).


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