Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite Cream Cosmetics


The top 10 Tuesday group is back and this week we are featuring some of our favorite creme cosmetics!!


Now as a representative of the Oily Adorable Faces Society or OAFS, I would like to say that this list was hard to compile. I mean, cream products and oily skin are never a good mix.  Obviously this list is compiled with the intention that the reader has normal to dry skin and could use these products with ease.  But I would like those in the Arid Skin Society of Every State or ASSES to understand that us OAFS really do want the ease and convenience of slapping on a few creme products and going along out merry way.  But OAFS just can't do that. You ASSES make it look so easy, but you just don't understand the priming and preparation that has to take place to wear cream products. So whether you are part of the OAFS or a member of the ASSES, please keep in mind that your mileage may vary when using any of these products.

The sweet color for cheeks and lips can make almost anyone look happier and healthier.  Besame's antique packaging with modern formulation makes this cream rouge great for cheeks and lips.   You can read my review HERE. The Besame Crimson Cream Rouge retails for $22 USD

Lise Watier has developed a product that has a cream shadow on top and matching loose glitter on the bottom of a very functional compact.  The combination makes the most dramatic and sparkly eyes in the Northern Hemisphere. The base cream shadow acts like glue for the fine glitter you pat on top. The finish is party perfect eyes!  The Lise Watier DUO Shadow & Glitter retails for $26 USD

This amazing cream blush is sooooo soft and soooo creamy I almost feel bad that I don't use it every day.  I have reviewed them twice on this blog. One stand alone review for Poppy my favorite color ever invented (after taupe eyeshadow) and another review for three other shades which will suit just about any mood that strikes you.  The Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh Tints Retail for $28 USD. 

It's the multicolored wheel of concealer that Lise Watier is famous for and it also happens to be a super concealer and corrector.  This cream concealer will mask any flaw on that beautiful face of yours! You can read my review HERE.  The Lise Watier Portfolio Professional Corrector and Concealer retails for $31 USD.

I know this is supposed to be cosmetics and not primers, but the Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Primers come in three shades, two of which can double for cream eyeshadow. That's right. they can be stand alone shadow primer and cream shadow in one.  The choice between a stunning golden tan or smokey grey-brown is hard to make, but with their low price you won't have to choose between the two, you can get both!  Read my review HERE.  The Stars Makeup Haven Mox-E-Poxy Eyeshadow Primer retails for $9 USD 

While I don't normally wear cream compact foundations for my oily skin, I know a good foundation when I see one, and this one from Edward Bess is it!  This easily blendable and depth of coverage variable foundation leaves a flawless look. In the winter when my skin is dry I love to wear this foundation for a pretty dewy look. You can read my review HERE.  The Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Compact foundation retails for $60 USD or if you aren't in a hurry, you can order it from Strawberrynet for a 20% discount at $48 USD.

These mousse gel hybrid shadows were the new best thing when they first came out, but I think that their popularity may be waning. I really did like these when they first came out and I reach for the peach and plum shades often, but I have heard that they might dry out and become less easy to work with. I added these to my list because these were the first cream shadows in a long time that I actually got excited about. You can read my review HERE.  The Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Shadows retail for $36 USD.

This all in one cream-to-powder, multipurpose makeup stick is just the trick for adding a hint of glimmer, shimmer and shine to any look. The Multiple is aptly named since it can be used almost anywhere for almost anything.  The creaminess of this product is great upon application but once it dries down, the soft powdery and non drying finish will really make you fall in love.  The Multiple retails for $39 USD   

This is another gel like cream hybrid, but this is in form of a blush rather than a shadow.  I find the shades to be incredibly pigmented and perfect for adding that perfect flushed look to the skin.  The YSL Creme de Blush can be worn under or over foundation but any way you wear it, it will look stunning.  You can read my review about the Fuscia Temptation shade HERE.  The Yves Saint Laurent Creme de Blush retails for $38 USD. 

Saving the best for last!  These Estee Lauder paint pots are so unlike many other creme shadow I have ever tried.  The intense pigmentation combined with the long wear make these paint pots positively pure heaven! For an oily skinned eyelid gal like me, creme shadows are a challenge.  Well the Estee Lauder Paint Pot lasts for hours on my oily lids (with a primer) and the color is so easy to apply I think I might actually buy MORE of these!  The Estee Lauder Pure color Paint Pots retail for $24 USD.

What say you?  Do you have some favorite cream cosmetics?  Let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Oh man, I own a disgusting amount of this list. LMdB's Poppy is SUCH an almost-every-day product for me that I actually hit pan, which never happens because I own a zillion things. Also love the YSL blush. And the NARS multiple is my purse-bag touch-up staple.

    I've had my Chanel Illusion D'Ombre shadows for quite a bit, and while they do seem to have "shrunk" a tiny tiny bit in the pot, but they're still pretty simple to work with in my opinion and it hasn't affected my use of them at all.

  2. I haven't tried and of these. I kind of gave up on cream products because they just disappear on me. Can still I submit an application to join OAFS?

  3. Right off, I love your whole list. However, I was immediately drawn to the packaging of the Besame! Gorgeous!

  4. I totally agree on the LMdB Creme Fresh Tints--I have Coral Nymph on my list and I WANT the Lise Watier concealer palette. Great list!

  5. I love the Chanel eyeshadows in that format. Unfortunately now I have to check out the YSL cream blush. I love cream blush (obviously) and don't have that.And I keep meaning to buy the SMH primer.

  6. LOVE the CHANEL long wearing shadows. How could I forgot those? Great picks!

  7. Summer is perfect for creams, for me. A little goes a long way, they don't cake in heat like powder, and they tend to be able to be applied sheerly. I've been digging on my mark by Avon Just Pinched cream blush sticks, which in a pinch do a good job of adding depth to my eye crease, too.

    Re: oily skin-- I think it's not the form, cream or powder, so much as the formula-- but I'll allow that not many cream products are made for oily skin, although they should be! I just have a T-zone in the summer.

  8. Hahahaha - I love you Pink Sith! I am a card carrying member of the OAFS team!

  9. OAFS girl here too. And OMG - those Estee Lauder Paint Pots are AMAZING. I just bought my first one, and I am in LOVE. Also, I need a new corrector/concealer wheel, so I might have to check that one out. It's ridiculously hard to find lavender concealer.

  10. Yay so happy to see the NARS multiple!


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