Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Seth Kornegay Orla Eau de Parfum - Review


Before I describe the fragrance of Seth Kornegay's Orla, I would like to tell you a little bit about the Seth Kornegay brand.  Seth Kornegay is a new name on the fragrance front, and it brings a fresh, new perspective on scent that the world needs.  Seth Kornegay uses the finest pure ingredients from around the world in order to create fragrances that will exceed the expectations of the most discerning clientele. Their products are indulgent, but they are also created to out live the fads and fripperies of today.  They are not mass marketed, and this niche fragrance house has chosen to limit the quantity of each product and focus solely on quality and individuality. The goal is to attract those into niche fragrances and those that enjoy exclusivity. All of the Seth Kornegay fragrances are created in small, hand-numbered quantities with no more than 7,500 units of any one item for sale globally - ever. This tactic creates an exclusive fragrance that, when you wear one of his creations, you will not smell like the pedestrian clones that waft through the air at your local mall, you will stand out, and everyone will want to know what you are wearing.

In a world over populated with sickly sweet, fruity florals, Seth Kornegay has developed a fruity floral with sophistication. This is Orla, an eau de parfum. Orla does not smell like it was inspired by a teen pop star or another copy of an already tired "designer" line of fragrances.  Orla stands out and sits, refined and regal, on a pedestal above the haze of synthetic melon and jasmine. This is a sheer floral with class. It is strong in fragrance structure and longevity. Orla won't bowl you over and knock you out upon first spray, but it does makes a statement to announce its presence. It says 'I am a confident and strong woman, but I am also feminine and like pretty things'.

This is how I would describe wearing Orla:

Imagine yourself in a rose garden in the middle of the afternoon with the hot sun beating down upon you and the delicate petals of the roses.  The day is warm, and the bees and birds have all retreated to the cool shade. You stand in the quiet stillness of the garden and hold your breath for a cool breeze.  The strong and spicy scent of frankincense and amber begin to rise from the heat of the day. The heady spice, combined with the roses, wraps you in a cloak of floral and spice that feels invigorating and strengthens your soul.

Amber Resin

Then the breeze approaches. You hear the wind moving through the trees in the distance.  The green leaves, almost parched from the heat, start to rustle and crackle as the breeze finds its way into the rose garden. You stand there, with the sun on your shoulders, arms open to accept the cooling breeze like a brief oasis in the desert.

You actually see the breeze approach the garden and overtake it as the roses bend towards you.  The wind washes over you like a wave crashing upon the beach. It is then that you notice the breeze shepherded the fragrances from whence it came.

African Violets

The wind rolling over the fruit orchards and then through the meadow where tuberose and African violets dance upon the air.  The sweet, yet refined, lily and rose greet you like a refreshing splash of crystal clear water from the garden's fountain.

As the breeze blows by, the drowsy scent of Pear Williams Eau de Vie (Pear Brandy), lingers for a moment in time and the world stands still.  It is just you, the heat of the sun, the roses and the sound of your own breathing that remain.  All is right in the world, and you wait with open arms for the next breeze.


Seth Kornegay fragrances retail from $205 to $620 for 1.7 oz spray bottle.  Orla retails for $365. You can find and purchase Seth Kornegay fragrances directly from the Seth Kornegay website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. I love how you describe scents! I personally find it one of the most difficult things to describe, but when I read your perfume reviews I really get a pretty good idea of what the fragrance will smell like.

  2. Love your thoughts on this perfume! I love niche fragrances, and especially rose! This sounds like a lovely scent. :)


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