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Top Ten Tuesdays - Top Ten Items In My Beach Bag

Top 10 Beach Bag Essentials from pinksith.com

This week's Top Ten Tuesday was kind of a challenge for me.  I don't really go to the beach.  Like ever.  It's not the fact that the nearest beach is a three and a half hour drive from where I live. It's not the fact that I hate being seen in a bathing suit (OK it is partially that), the main reason I don't go to the beach...

...that meme just about sums it up. I burn, no matter how much sunscreen I apply, and I get heat exhaustion nine times out of ten. Heat stroke is far more serious, and I have had that a few times but not recently.  Anyway. What I'm trying to say is. The sunlight and me do not get along.  I just as soon stay indoors until the sun starts to set. I'm not a vampire, but I certainly can see the benefits of sleeping all day.  I digress.

So if I were going to the beach, what would I bring?  All hypothetical, of course.

SUNSCREEN!  Coola has some sunscreens that don't smell like sunscreens!  I have been testing the Coola Total Body SPF 30 in Plumeria sunscreen, and it's awesome. It is so nicely scented as well as easily absorbed. I feel as if I'm applying a scented lotion rather than sunscreen.  This is great for those that hate that suntan lotion scent. You can also find this at coolasuncare.com

 I also have been testing the Coola Sport Continuous  Spray SPF 35 Citrus Mimosa.  This is divine, and the spray does not leave a greasy feel on the skin.  The product has a wide spray area so be careful who or what is standing next to you when you apply this sucker.  Don't forget to rub in your spray sunscreen!  You can also find this at coolasuncare.com

For my face,  I'll stick with my tried and true Elta MD UV Clear. It's one of the few sunscreens that actually makes my skin look better!

Last but not least, I would have to protect my lips.  That's why I would carry the Supergoop! AcaiFusion SPF 30 lip balm. It comes in a sheer pink color so I can avoid that "corpse lips" look on the beach.

Of course,  I don't believe in sunscreen alone to protect me.  I usually wear a Hat, Sunglasses and SPF rated clothing to keep those rays off of my skin.

The Wallaroo Hat Company makes some pretty cool Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rated hats for your protection. I like a wider brimmed hat and the Savannah model would be perfect for giving that old timey Hollywood starlet glam. It has a 5"  brim and is UPF rated 50. Plus an internal drawstring guarantees  a perfect fit no matter how big my head gets.

Then there is the Coolibar Beach Shirt. If I were going to the beach. I  probably would buy this handy shirt with adjustable sleeves and a hood. Coolibar clothing has a UPF of 50+  Gotta like that.

Staying hydrated in the sun is really important. I would bring along a lot of water with me.  But let's face it. Water alone can be pretty boring after a while.  There are those water enhancers, but most of them are filled with sucralose or aspartame and I want no part of that.  I was recently sent some water enhancers from a company called Stur Drinks.  They too have fun flavors to turn my water into something more, but instead os sucralose, which has been shown to cause even stronger sugar cravings, Stur uses natural Stevia for sweetener. Stevia does not cause those cravings (as far as we know), and it's just better for you.  Plus Stur flavors are very light, so I don't feel like I'm drinking a juice full of chemicals.  Stur flavors my water lightly, and the flavors I have tried are all exceptionally refreshing. I like the cucumber mint mixed with the lemonade for that Spa Water type drink.

The rest of my list is pretty straight forward.

I would pick a pretty and colorful beach tote like this one from Roxy. It's called their Chillax Neoprene Beach Tote.  It's made from neoprene! (The stuff wet suits are made out of)

I don't leave the house without sunglasses.  These white sunglasses from Givenchy caught my eye, but I'm not paying over $385 for a pair of shades.

Therefore, this bargain set from Jessica Simpson would do just fine for me!

I adore my KEEN Bali sandals. I have two pairs already and might pick up a third. I don't like the flip flops that have a thong between your toes. They irritate my little princess feet!

Even though my hair would be protected from the sun by wearing my hat, I would still want to add my Leonor Greyl Huile de Palme to protect my hair from absorbing the salt water, which may dry it out and fade my hair color.

If I did venture into the water, I would want to make sure that my hair is combed out and not full of knots and seaweed. The Wet Brush is an awesome little brush that gets rid of tangles in wet hair so easily and so gently that even tender headed little ole me feels no pain.  I use this after I shower too. It's been a savior to my sensitive scalp!

Because it can get hot and icky at the beach, I would bring along my Caudalie Beauty Elixir. This cooling and refreshing spray contains water and essential oils for revive the skin.  Of course applying sunscreen after use might be necessary.

I'm fortunate that I am so bitter that mosquitoes don't bite me, but I'm not taking any chances, so I' would take Burt's Bees All Natural Outdoor Herbal Insect Repellent.  I hear it works like a charm without harmful chemicals.

Oh and don't forget the Beach Umbrella and Beach Chair so I can read my latest Zombie novel in the shade!

Do you go to the beach?  What are some of your favorite beauty products to bring along?

Did you notice there were more than 10 items on this list?  Yeah. I cheated.

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  1. Ohh those givenchy sunglasses are right up my alley!! I also love stur when it has a hint of carbonated water.

  2. Elta MD! So overlooked. So awesome.

    I love the beach and live 20 minutes from it and still haven't made it there all summer! It will happen before it snows. I feel sure.

  3. Nice sunnies! And I like the hat too, I'd like a similar one. I have melasma on my face, so I always try to keep my face in the shade, even when I am wearing a bah-kee-nee.

  4. She cheats. I can't believe that of Pink Sith of all people... oh yes I can, never mind. Love your choice of hat and sunnies. I can't see in OTC sunglasses so unfortunately I don't get to pick out cool ones like you do.
    And sitting in the sun is foreign to me. I sit in the shade. I'm never going to burn again- I've been there and done that.

  5. Great list! Huile de Palme is so good. I put that on a few times a week before I lounge in the pool.

  6. I LOVE Stur. I have health problems that basically make vitamin-enhanced water a necessity and stur is so much more economical and lighter in taste than what I was using before. And yes it is so much better than it uses Stevia. It's been beneficial healthwise in addition to tasting good!

  7. At first I thought those Givenchy Sunglasses were my facorite thing ever... and then I saw your meme. OMG I'm laughing.. I love it so much!

    1. :-) I have to be silly or it just isn't me!

  8. I have the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and the wet brush is awesome sauce!

  9. I am LOVING Stur! Just wish they came in a caffeinated version. Great list :)

  10. Oh god, I just love that meme!

    I've never heard of Stur, but I'm not a big fan of any kind of sweetened drinks. I'm one of those people that drinks mostly plain water :P But when I can get it, sometimes I like "Hint" water. No sweeteners at all, just a touch of flavor.

  11. That meme is perfection, just saying.

    I always like to bring a good book to the beach. Just make sure it's one that you don't care too much about (ex. one you got from the thrift store). I've always had bad luck with the wind ripping pages out and blowing them towards the shore.

  12. But you are a beauty blogger! You make tons of money, surely you can afford those sunglasses! LMAO


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