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Top 10 Tuesdays - 10 under $10

Top 10 under $10 on pinksith.com

Whoot! Top 10 Tuesday's is back and this week we have a challenge of finding 10 items for $10 or less.  Now as much as I ADORE high end makeup and skincare and pretty much ANYTHING beauty, I still have a strong reserve of lower cost, but still high quality items I like.  Now I could have just gone to drugstore.com and picked the first 10 random beauty items for under $10 but that wouldn't be fair to you or me.  I decided to pick 10 items that I have PERSONALLY used and USE to this day and to pick one item each to do a a full face of makeup.  So what am I waiting for?  I dunno. Let's get to it!

I reviewed this foundation HERE. It's actually a really nice drug store foundation that comes in a wide variety of shades. I even found one light enough for my pale complexion!

I think I used this in the $20 face Makeup Wars challenge. It's not a bad liquid concealer. It doesn't have the heaviest of coverage, but it also doesn't look cakey or ashy against my skin.  It gives a nice natural finish.

I received this in one of my ipsy bags HERE. I love the color variations of this blush and how there are many variations to choose from in the collection. There is sure to be at least one perfect fit for any skin tone.  It also applies like silk and is insanely pigmented!

Featured several times on this blog, the ULTA eyeshadow formula is soft and pigmented and silky. It's quite high quality for only $7. Plus ULTA is always having some sort of sale or close out on colors so you're sure to find this shadow for way less than the retail price.  The color selection is great for your basic and neutral shades.

I'm not sure I reviewed this liner on the blog, but it's my oversight for not extolling the virtues of this liquid liner sooner.  The pointed foam tipped applicator is easy to maneuver and provides a solid and steady flow of liner.  The stuff wears like iron and during the holidays and season changes there are always stunning limited edition colors to choose from.  I may or may not have like 4 or 5 of these rolling around in my eyeliner drawer. I refuse to admit how many I own.

I don't do a lot of mascara reviews on the blog because I really feel like no two people have the same experience with one mascara...so I just leave it up to you to figure it all out.  I will say that even while I may not have reviewed this mascara here I ALWAYS have this bright yellow tube on hand for when I want drag queen lashes in an instant.  This mascara does not flake or smudge on me and the black is super black and looks amazing on my eyes.  Your results may vary.

I reviewed the powder HERE, at the same time I reviewed the foundation.  It's a nice basic powder with decent coverage and acts as a great finishing powder without looking cakey or settling into pores.  Plus the compact is neat and stylish.  Gotta love that.

I purchased 2 of the colors from this line several months ago. I took pictures and swatch pictures and lip pictures, but I have been too lazy to review them.  What can I say? They are smooth and feel like lip balm and waaaay more pigmented than I thought they would be.  The Red Velvet color I have is pretty opaque and looks casual and dressy at the same time.  Is that possible?  Well I say it is.

Other Items
You have to have something to apply all that makeup with, right?  Well you don't have to break the bank to do it.  I have several ecotools brushes in my collection. I think I even have one or two featured in my over sized brush collection reviewed HERE.  The brushes are soft and sturdy and functional.  That's all you need in a makeup brush, really.

OK. So this item is exactly $10, but worth every penny. These oil blotting linens are super light and don't remove your makeup while you remove the oil from your face. That's a winning combination in my book.  Plus the cute little paper dispenser it comes in makes me smile. I have mentioned them several times on this blog. They are a staple in my collection.

OK. So that's it.  What do you think?  Do you have any items under $10 you would like to share with me?  Let me know in the comments section.  And while you're at it. Visit these great blogs to see more top 10 for under $10 lists!

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  1. I tried the FitMe foundation and it didn't really suit at all. I do love that Nyx blush though.

  2. Nice selection! The Maybelline Fit Me foundation and the Volum' Express mascara are favorites of mine too, as well as Revlon lip butter.

  3. Nice list! 10 under $10 is definitely too hard--there are so many good options these days!

  4. You always cost me money and now I'll have to check out that NYX. I think that some of the Ulta eyeshadows give expensive brands a run for the money. When I worked there I always had a list of which ones to buy.

  5. Love that we have so many matching choices! I have got to try that NYX blush!

  6. I need that Ulta shadow - it looks so pretty. I want those brushes now too. I think I have a similar set that my daughter took from me right away.

  7. Since you happened to mention Ulta eye shadows in your top 10, I just wanted to let you know that there is a giveaway on my blog that's open this week only and the prize is 6 Ulta beauty items - two of which are eye shadows! Just an FYI in case you're interested!
    - Michelle
    (I did read your comment disclaimer. I understand if you don't want to post my link. I just thought you might be interested).

  8. I love seeing Ulta eyeshadows and ecoTools on your list :)

  9. I completely forgot about the blotting linens. Idk how because I keep them in my purse!

  10. I almost added Revlon Lip Butters to my list. I love those!!!

  11. I need to try the Maybelline Fit foundation!

  12. I love the Revlon Lip Butters! I have Red Velvet and Tutti Frutti and I just can't get enough. I'm also a big fan of the NYC Sunny Bronzer. I've never tried any of the Ulta-brand products before, but maybe I will now. Thanks!


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